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Clark Condemns Military Raid On His House, Demands Respect

Elder statesman and National Leader of the Pan-Niger Delta Forum, Chief Edwin Clark, has strongly condemned a military raid on his country home in the Kiagbodo Local Government Area of Delta State.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Clark recounted the distressing incident where his residence was invaded by military personnel in search of an individual suspected to be connected to the killing of 17 soldiers in Okuama.

The raid, prompted by a call from a person identified as the Commanding Officer of the Nigerian Army Division in Port Harcourt, was met with shock and indignation.

Clarke described the heavy-handed approach of the military operation, involving five trucks loaded with armed soldiers numbering between 30 and 40, as excessive.

He detailed how the soldiers forcefully entered buildings on the premises, including his late brother’s residence, Ambassador Akporode Blessing Clark, and subjected occupants to humiliating treatment.

Furthermore, Clark expressed disappointment at the lack of coordination and communication with local authorities during the raid, calling it “disrespectful and unlawful.”

He emphasized his decades of service to the nation, spanning nearly 70 years in various capacities, and demanded to be treated with the respect he deserves.

Referring to a similar incident in 2018 when his Abuja home was raided, Clark urged state actors to uphold the rule of law and allow him to live in peace.

He noted that any harm caused to him through dubious means would have consequences, but clarified that his remarks were not a threat but a recognition of divine protection.

Clark concluded his statement by reiterating his commitment to serving the country and expressed hope for a peaceful resolution to the matter.



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