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33,360 Fulbe Leaders Criticize Tinubu’s Administration, Blame Wike

Toba Owojaiye reporting
Abuja , Nigeria

In a recent gathering at the NICON Luxury Hotel Abuja, over 33,360 Ardos, esteemed traditional and spiritual leaders of Fulbe Communities across Nigeria, expressed profound concerns regarding the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Truth Live News gathered that the Ardos lamented what they perceive as a rampant trend of ethnic profiling under Tinubu’s government, chiefly attributing these actions to the policies enforced by Minister Nyesome Wike, particularly targeting the Fulbe community.

According to Ardo Aliyu Yola, the national president, the Fulbe community played a pivotal role in Tinubu’s electoral success, rallying millions to support him during the 2023 presidential elections. However, they now feel betrayed by the apparent disregard for their welfare and the rise of discriminatory policies under Wike’s influence.

Aliyu highlighted instances of what he termed “draconian policies” against herdsmen and grazing, which lacked viable alternatives and directly impacted the Fulbe community. Furthermore, the unilateral revocation of contracts, including one involving their patron, Senator Ahmad Abubakar MoAllahyidi, was deemed unconstitutional and reflective of ethnic bias.

The Ardos expressed disappointment in the administration’s failure to uphold promises made during the campaign, particularly regarding fair treatment and the promotion of Fulbe welfare. They accused Minister Wike of acting against the interests of President Tinubu’s administration, insinuating political motives behind his actions.

In their demands also they asked Tinubu to intervene by stopping Minister Wike from shutting down the ICC and tempering with the lawful contract agreement the IFMSL has which has a ten-year life span.
“We remind the President to fulfill the promises he made to the Fulbe regarding the setting of a livestock agency to cater for the migrant cattle rearers, to make the name of the Fulani a very respectable name and provide social welfare for them alongside other Nigerians.

“We are concerned that such an onslaught on our leaders is a direct repudiation of the effort that we contributed to bringing your administration to power. We kindly urge you to use your good office to call Minister Wike to order or remove him from the office he occupies to avoid the negative impact he is creating for your administration.

“We look forward to your very positive intervention as we continue to pledge our support and loyalty for the continuing success of the Barkindo of Fulbe Nigeria, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR as you lead this great country of a good people.” He demanded

Calling for intervention, the Ardos urged President Tinubu to rein in Minister Wike and ensure adherence to due process. They demanded an end to ethnic profiling and interference with lawful agreements, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling promises made to the Fulbe community.

Despite their grievances, the Ardos commended President Tinubu’s leadership and pledged continued support, contingent upon addressing their concerns. They stressed the need for positive intervention to safeguard the unity and progress of Nigeria under Tinubu’s administration.



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