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AAC Deputy Candidate Endorse Ododo as Kogi Governor-Elect

Toba Owojaiye reporting 

Lokoja, Kogi 


In a heartfelt endorsement letter sent to Truth Live News, Engr Oladeji Bamidele, the Deputy Governor Candidate of the AAC Party, congratulated Dr. Ahmed Usman Ododo on his victory as the Governor-Elect of Kogi state. The letter emphasized Dr. Ododo’s wealth of experience, sharp intellect, and dedication to the progress of Kogi state.

Engr Bamidele stressed the importance of unity across religious, tribal, and political lines, urging all stakeholders and citizens to rally behind Dr. Ododo’s government. The endorsement positions Dr. Ododo as the right candidate to lead Kogi state, given his educational background and hands-on experience in financial matters.

The letter drew attention to the challenges faced by Kogi state, being a gateway and sharing borders with 10 other states. It aligned Dr. Ododo with the National Renewed Hope Agenda, emphasizing the need for a leader equipped with the necessary tools to guide the state to great heights.

As the transition from campaign to governance unfolds, Engr Bamidele emphasized the importance of immediate healing. Drawing a metaphor between politics and football, he encouraged cooperation and unity, highlighting the distinction between activism and politics.

Amidst sharp tribal divisions and party affiliations during the campaign, Engr Bamidele assured Dr. Ododo of their support, novel ideas, and political structure when and where needed.

The endorsement concluded with a call for collaboration with all men of goodwill in Kogi state, regardless of their previous voting patterns, expressing confidence that Dr. Ododo’s leadership will bring progress, unity, and betterment for all citizens.

In a powerful quote, Engr Bamidele stated , “Politics is like a football match: They shake hands before the match, ruffle each other up during the match but after the match, they shake hands and exchange jerseys.” This quote encapsulates the essence of cooperation and reconciliation essential for the governance phase.



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