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Abductors Demand N40T, 11 Hilux Vans, 150 Motorcycles as Ransom

Toba Owojaiye reporting
Sabo, Kaduna State

Bandits in Kaduna State have escalated their ransom demands to an unprecedented level, demanding a staggering N40 trillion, 11 Hilux vans, and 150 motorcycles for the release of 16 abducted residents from the Gonin Gora area.

Truth Live News gathered that this exorbitant demand marks a disturbing turn in the trend of abductions for ransom in Nigeria. John Yusuf, a community leader, revealed this development, emphasizing the sheer impossibility of meeting such demands, even suggesting that selling the entire community would not suffice. The audacity of the demand underscores the brazenness of the criminal elements plaguing the region.

The community of Gonin Gora has been targeted twice within a week, with bandits wreaking havoc and instilling fear among its residents. Despite the valiant efforts of the Nigerian Army, the bandits exploit the vast stretches of bushland surrounding the area, using them as hideouts to orchestrate their attacks with impunity. Yusuf’s plea for the establishment of a military base behind the community underscores the urgent need for proactive measures to curb the escalating banditry.

Yusuf’s poignant plea extends beyond his immediate community, echoing the sentiments of many Nigerians grappling with the scourge of insecurity. The bandits’ ability to operate with impunity poses a grave threat not only to the safety and security of individuals but also to the fabric of society itself. The gravity of the situation demands decisive action from the federal government to stem the tide of banditry before it engulfs the entire nation.

While acknowledging the efforts of the Nigerian Army in combating banditry, Yusuf’s call for government intervention underscores the inadequacy of current measures in addressing the root causes of the crisis. The establishment of a military base is but one facet of a multifaceted approach needed to tackle the underlying issues fuelling banditry, including poverty, unemployment, and lack of infrastructure in marginalized communities.

As Yusuf rightly points out, the stakes are too high to ignore. Failure to address the scourge of banditry risks further destabilizing an already precarious situation, with potentially devastating consequences for Nigeria’s social cohesion and economic development. The time for decisive action is now, before the tide of insecurity becomes irreversible.



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