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A’Ibom Gov. Holds Thanksgiving Service In Honour Of His Predecessor

The Akwa Ibom State Governor Pastor Umo Bassey Eno, who described his predecessor Mr Udom Emmanuel and wife Martha as “gifts that God sent to Akwa Ibom people” held thanksgiving service in their honour.

Governor Eno, a beneficiary of Udom’s political legacies praises him for all he had learnt from him, saying that they are “a tonic to do more and not to be distracted.”

At the United Evangelical Church, Lagos Township Superintendency, Eno said whether people say so or not, he appreciates his predecessor’s works and that of his wife Martha.

“Every week, we have people coming to Akwa Ibom for conferences. Akwa Ibom is now a destination of choice because of the work that you and your wife did.”

He said: “I did not create all those new big roads, it was you that modeled and designed all of these things; Ibom Air and all of the beautiful things we have, were your creation.”

“I’ll like to tell you that we are grateful,” the governor said. “On behalf of the Akwa Ibom people, I stand to convey these warm wishes, greetings and celebration of Akwa Ibomites to you and your dear wife.”

Gov. Eno said sometimes, when Mr Udom walks into some places, he’ll see how outsiders adore him, the ovation he receive and the kind of welcome he gets.

“While you were yet on the job, there’s no way people will appreciate you,” he noted.

Rather than being discouraged and distracted, the Governor said he gets propelled to even work harder in the face of media attacks.

“I have learnt from you and that is a tonic to do more and not to be distracted.”

“I thank you for the things you did and still do because I know the support that you are giving to me and to all of us in office.”

He recalled that they have had several Court cases but said “I don’t know how many will go to the Supreme Court but there’s a Supreme God.”

“It has gone down in history that I am the most vilified Governorship candidate and eventually Governor,” he boasted.

Immediate past Governor of Akwa Ibom, Mr Udom Emmanuel, flanked by his wife, Martha, thanked Governor Eno and all the dignitaries for standing by him during his tenure which he described as “awesome.”

He said “Most importantly, he wants to thank God that he went into Government House complete and left complete not one of his aides missing.”

According to him, the “ only regret he had was that he did not control Policies. “If I had control over Policies as a state, trust me, we would have been miles ahead as a State,” he stated .

He alleged that in the build up to his second term election in 2018, some people wished him to be on the bed while election was going on, others said, it would be only him and his wife would be left in the Government House.

“But today, I still thank God that we went with our blue print and God helped us.”

Earlier the Superintendency Pastor of Surulere Township, Rev Idorenyin James said the ceremony was merely an event to receive back the former first family to reassigned them to functions in the superintendency as as officers of the church.

“The field is fertile before you and God still has more for you in the country”, Rev Idy James said.

Souvenirs were presented to the celebrants by the church while prayers of a fruitful tenure were offered for Governor Eno and his administration.



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