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Anambra Unearths 210 Ghost Workers, Dismisses Six Directors for Certificate Racketeering

The Local Government Service Commission of Anambra State has taken decisive action against corruption within its ranks, uncovering 210 suspected ghost workers and dismissing six Deputy Directors found to possess fraudulent certificates.

Chairman of the commission, Mr. Vincent Ezeaka, revealed that the affected directors had presented fake certificates purportedly obtained from Imo State University. Investigations are underway, with inquiries extended to universities nationwide to ensure thorough scrutiny.

Ezeaka emphasized the commission’s commitment to upholding professionalism and rooting out corruption within the local government system. The dismissal of ghost workers, spread across the state’s 21 local government areas, marks a significant step towards ensuring transparency and accountability.

The discovery of irregularities was made possible through meticulous personnel audits and the implementation of biometric identification and verification systems. The deployment of state-of-the-art clock-in-clock-out digital attendance registers has facilitated accurate tracking of staff presence.

With the completion of certificate screening for Grade Levels 15 and 16, the commission is poised to commence screening for Grade Level 14 and below. This ongoing process aims to eliminate fraudulent practices and uphold the integrity of the local government system.

Ezeaka expressed concern over the mismanagement of local government funds, citing measures taken to safeguard public resources. All local government accounts have been linked to a dedicated tracking system, enabling continuous monitoring by security agencies to recover looted funds and prosecute offenders.

Commending Governor Chukwuma Soludo’s support for a digitally enabled local government system, Ezeaka highlighted the effectiveness of initiatives such as the clock-in-clock-out electronic attendance register in promoting transparency and efficiency.



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