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Anthony Ujah Credits Taiwo Awoniyi’s Success At Nottingham Forest To Hard Work

Former Werder Bremen forward, Anthony Ujah, has attributed Super Eagles striker Taiwo Awoniyi’s impressive form at Nottingham Forest in the Premier League to his dedication and hard work.

In an interview with EaglesTracker, Ujah praised Awoniyi’s commitment to training, and the efforts he puts in behind the scenes.

“Football fans see what happens during the game day but don’t see what happens during the week. You know a lot of people have to push themselves extra to be able to reach where they are.

“That he is playing in the Premier League and doing really well is not a surprise for me, he did way more than what he was expected to do and that is why you see he is really doing well and my wish for him is just to, you know, stay healthy. As long as he stays healthy, he will always excel.”



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