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Anti Grazing Bill Pass Second Reading 

Toba Owojaiye reporting 

Abuja, Nigeria 



Enthusiasm surged as the bill to prohibit open grazing passed its second reading in the Nigerian Senate on Wednesday!

Truth Live News gathered that the session resonated with heated debates and fervent emotions, highlighting the pressing need for the proposed legislation.

Imagine a Nigeria where open grazing is finally a thing of the past, fostering peace between herders and farmers!

Senator Titus Zam, the driving force behind the bill from Benue North West, champions a new era with clear-cut rules for ranching, ushering in a wave of best practices and harmony.

Senator Zam envisions a National Animal Husbandry and Ranches Commission overseeing lush ranches stretching across Nigeria!

Explaining the general principles of the bill, Zam canvassed the need for the proposed commission to manage, regulate, and preserve ranches across the country.

He said: “The proposed National Animal Husbandry and Ranches Commission is for management, preservation, and control of ranches throughout Nigeria.”

However, opposition arose from Senators Danjuma Goje and Adamu Aliero, advocating for a broader perspective on cattle rearing laws.

Goje even outlined cattle routes, stressing the importance of legislation for the entire nation.

Yet, amidst the spirited debates, hope prevailed! Supporters rallied behind the bill, viewing it as pivotal to quelling farmer-herder clashes.

And then, the decisive moment arrived as the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, called for a voice vote, sealing the fate of the bill.

With a resounding “aye,” the bill advanced, landing in the hands of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Judiciary, and Legal Matters for further deliberation.

This isn’t merely legislation; it’s a transformative step towards a more organized and sustainable future for cattle rearing in Nigeria!

Less farmer and herder crisis should lead to more sustainable agriculture, more security and less clashes and as a result more foreign direct investments to the country.



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