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Asue Ighodalo’s Campaign Sparks Digital Frenzy Ahead of Edo Elections

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting

Edo State, Nigeria

Over the past three days, the virtual landscape has been ablaze with a whirlwind of eccentric content creations courtesy of Asue Ighodalo, the PDP gubernatorial candidate gearing up for the forthcoming Edo Elections.

His antics have set social media ablaze, sparking heated debates and dividing opinions with his unconventional approach to campaigning, Truth Live News reports.

Dubbed everything from a content creator to a Nollywood superstar, and even likened to a TikToker, Ighodalo’s foray into the realm of trending challenges and skits has raised eyebrows and ruffled feathers among his political peers.

From the “ofcourse” challenge to his charismatic persona showcased in various videos, Asue has captured the attention of netizens, leaving some in stitches while others question his seriousness as a contender for political office.

However, despite the division of opinions, it’s undeniable that Asue Ighodalo’s playful antics have spread contagious joy and laughter, brightening the faces of many. Through these jovial pursuits, Ighodalo has successfully portrayed himself in a favorable manner, especially resonating with the influential youth demographic, which wields considerable influence in both the digital landscape and electoral arena.

His ability to seamlessly integrate with trending topics and connect with the internet-savvy generation underscores his understanding of the evolving dynamics of modern-day politics. Asue has effectively positioned himself as a candidate who not only acknowledges but also empathizes with the challenges faced by today’s youth.

Meanwhile, the opposition finds themselves scrambling to keep pace with Asue’s digital prowess. In an age where online presence can heavily influence electoral outcomes, the stakes have never been higher. Just as Peter Obi’s tech-savvy approach yielded success in previous elections, the significance of harnessing the power of the internet cannot be overstated.

As the campaign trail heats up with the kickoff scheduled for April 24th, all eyes are on the other candidates, Okpebholo and Akpata, to see if they can rise to the Ighodalo challenge. With his magnetic charisma and infectious energy, Asue Ighodalo’s recent birthday celebration video for Hon Paschal Ugbome-Ominimini serves as a prime example of how to captivate audiences and dominate the social media sphere.

Advice for APC and LP:

To APC and LP, the message is clear: Embrace the digital age or risk being left behind. As Asue’s influence continues to grow with each viral video and trending challenge, it’s imperative for political rivals to adapt their strategies accordingly. Investing in innovative digital campaigns and engaging with online communities can prove instrumental in gaining traction and winning over voters.



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