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Asue/Ogie Movement Kicks Off With Blast in Esan NorthEast LGA

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Benin City, Edo state

The ASUE/OGIE Movement Esan North East LGA Chapter held its inaugural meeting with a fervent opening prayer led by Chief Felix Udo, the respected LGA Chairman, instilling a sense of unity and purpose from the onset.

Under the esteemed guidance of Honorable (Chief) Okoh, a key stakeholder in the LGA, the body was inaugurated, signaling a new era of concerted efforts towards community development.

Truth Live News gathered that Engr Kelvin Okpebholo, the State Chairman, extended a warm welcome, highlighting the movement’s vision and determination to make a meaningful impact.

Introducing the LGA Executive Committee, a blend of seasoned leadership and youthful vigor was showcased, including:

– Chairman: Chief Felix Udo (Ward 7)
– Vice Chairman: Sister Rita Obode (Ward 2)
– General Secretary: Prince Josh Iyamabhor (Ward 10)
– Organizing Secretary: Mr. Hope Eineh (Ward 4)
– Ever-ready P.R.O: Mr. Felix Anyangbeso (Ward 8)

While acknowledging ward coordinators, absenteeism was noted, urging for improved participation in future gatherings. Ward coordinators recognized were:

– Ward 4: Mr. Felix O. Ujialele
– Ward 6: Mr. Boniface Omonkor
– Ward 7: Mr. Nathaniel Ewaleifoh
– Ward 10: Mr. Harrison Omhonria
– Ward 11: Mr. Happy Otoide

Engr Kelvin Okpebholo set an ambitious goal of reaching a membership of thirty thousand (30,000) individuals by September 21st, urging for concerted efforts towards this end.

The meeting concluded with resolutions to seek sponsorship from both local and international sources, emphasizing financial support and provision of souvenirs to bolster the movement.

Ward coordinators were tasked with establishing their ward executives and ensuring their active participation in future meetings.

Acknowledging attendees who brought additional supporters, the state chairman reiterated the importance of collaboration and collective commitment.

With fifteen (15) new members pledging their dedication to the realization of the Ighodalo/Ogie gubernatorial mandate, the inaugural meeting laid a promising foundation for collaborative endeavors, setting clear objectives for future actions.

The press release, shared with Truth Live News, was signed by Prince Josh Iyamabhor, the LGA Secretary.



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