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Aziegbemi Abduction: PDP Official Calls for Questioning of APC Acting Chair 

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu

Edo State, Nigeria 


Amb. Tony Okonigene, a member of the Edo State PDP State Executive Committee, has urged security agencies investigating the kidnapping of the state chairman of the party, Dr. Tony Aziegbemi, to bring in the Acting State Chairman of the APC, Jarett Tenebe, for questioning.

Okonigene made this demand during an interview on News Central TV on Monday.

Responding to inquiries regarding the possible motives behind the kidnapping, Okonigene emphasized that while internal disagreements within the PDP have occurred before, they have typically been resolved without resorting to such extreme measures. However, he expressed concern over remarks made by the Acting APC state chairman, Jarett Tenebe, which seemed to politicize the incident under the guise of offering sympathy to the victim’s family.

Okonigene asserted, “When dealing with a case of this magnitude, it is imperative for security agencies to investigate individuals with potential motives. One glaring motive could be an attempt to undermine the Obaseki-led PDP government by exploiting concerns over insecurity in the state. Therefore, the security agencies should question the APC Acting Chairman.”

He criticized Tenebe for allegedly politicizing the kidnapping by issuing statements that criticized the state government and highlighted security challenges in Edo State. Okonigene noted the contrast between Tenebe’s remarks and the sympathetic responses from other individuals, including the Edo APC candidate, suggesting that Tenebe’s statements were intended to generate false alarms and manipulate the narrative surrounding security in the state.

Furthermore, Okonigene pointed out the irony in Tenebe’s actions, citing recent kidnappings in APC-controlled states under the federal government’s watch. He questioned the motive behind Tenebe’s statements in Edo State, given the ongoing security challenges in other APC-controlled regions.

Okonigene expressed gratitude to Edo State Governor HE Godwin Obaseki and the state’s security agencies for their prompt and coordinated efforts in addressing the kidnapping. He expressed optimism that Dr. Tony Aziegbemi would soon be safely reunited with his family.



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