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Barrister Dan A. OSA-Ogbebie, True Man Of Integrity

*“As an honourable man, instead of working against the candidate of the party (APC) as a member, it was better for me to resign my membership of the Party, as I cannot in good conscience campaign for the ticket of Senator Monday Okpebholo and Representative Dennis Idahosa. My conscience could not allow me and our ancestors would not have forgiven me.”* ~~Daniel A. Noah Osa-Ogbegie, Esq.

We live in a country today, where, for a morsel of bread, men would sell their integrity. We also have many who would blindly support a candidate for whatever reason, knowing fully well that that candidate is not fit for the position he is running for.

We remember with nostalgia, the era of Ogbemudia as governor of old Bendel State, and the rush of development witnessed. Edo has been growing steadily since then and the only thing Edolites want from the forthcoming governorship election, is the emergence of an intelligent, comitted, experienced and humane man, as the next governor of Edo State.

We salute the courage and wisdom of Barrister Daniel Osa-Ogbegie in telling himself the truth that Senator Monday Okpebholo does not fit our idea of a next governor in Osadebey Avenue. Barrister Daniel Osa-Ogbegie is different from those who would rather stay back in a party they don’t believe in any longer, to foment trouble. Such men and women are ignorant and dishonorable and not fit to be called men. You can’t call yourself a man if you allow a fellow man to dictate your allegiance.

Thank you, Dan Osa-Ogbegie, for your love for Edo State and identifying with Asue Ighodalo, who many Edolites believe and accept that the governorship cap fits. With minds like yours, the limit of growth of our dear and beautiful Edo would be beyond the sky. We pray that the wimps in our midst would emulate your boldness and integrity and toe the path of honour and decency.

Edo South Youths for Better Governance



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