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“Be Sure I Will Win” — Wike Assures Fubara As Feud Heightens

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Abuja, Nigeria




In a recent interview addressing the ongoing feud between himself and his successor, Governor Sim Fubara, the FCT minister unveiled surprising revelations that shed light on the escalating tensions.

During the interview, the minister urged that the law should be the guiding force, making militants and ethnic considerations irrelevant.

Expressing a plea for fairness, the minister emphasized the role played by various factions in supporting Governor Fubara, including those initially opposed to the idea of his candidacy. He cautioned, “Be fair to them, even those that were opposed to you. You don’t just throw them away.”

The minister argued that the current discord is premature, suggesting that similar power struggles typically emerge after a year or two. He questioned the wisdom of the governor’s actions, asking, “Have you seen this happen anywhere?”

Furthermore, the minister addressed the perception that Governor Fubara’s supporters are motivated solely by opposition to Governor Wike. He warned, “Nobody is supporting you , They are only supporting you because they think you are fighting Wike,” emphasizing that victory is not assured.

Confident in his stance, the minister declared, “Be sure that I will win. Mark it today.” He expressed the sentiment that true power is earned through hard work and dedication, recalling his own struggles against federal opposition from 2015 to 2019.

In a poignant statement, the minister criticized Governor Fubara for initiating conflict, noting, “You are now the one importing crisis.” He contrasted his own experience, where external forces posed challenges, with the current situation where the governor is perceived as the source of turmoil.

In a concluding remark, the minister revealed, “Five governors fought me very badly,” highlighting the intensity of political struggles and perhaps warning Governor Fubara about the potential consequences of internal discord. The interview provides a glimpse into the complex dynamics at play in the Rivers State political landscape.

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