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Belize Suspends Diplomatic Ties With Israel Amid Gaza Ceasefire Dispute

The government of Belize has officially suspended diplomatic relations with Israel, citing the Israeli government’s refusal to implement a ceasefire in Gaza.

According to CNN, Belize’s government issued a statement condemning the actions of the IDF in Gaza and urging an immediate ceasefire.

“The Government of Belize has repeatedly condemned the actions of the IDF in Gaza. We have appealed to Israel to implement an immediate ceasefire and to allow unimpeded access to humanitarian supplies into Gaza.

“Despite our requests, Israel has not stopped its violations of international humanitarian law nor allowed relief workers to alleviate the suffering of millions of Gazans,” the Belize statement said Tuesday.

“Belize renews its call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, unimpeded access to humanitarian supplies into Gaza and the release of all hostages.”

In addition to suspending diplomatic relations, Belize has withdrawn accreditation for Israel’s ambassador and suspended its own diplomatic activities in Tel Aviv.

This follows the actions of several Central American neighbors, including Colombia, Chile, and Bolivia, which have also severed diplomatic ties or recalled their ambassadors from Israel.

The list of countries taking similar actions is growing, with Turkey, Jordan, and South Africa among the most recent.

Israel declared war on Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls Gaza, and launched a “complete siege” of the enclave following Hamas’ terror attacks in Israel on October 7. An estimated 1,200 people were killed in Hamas’ attacks, and 240 taken hostage, most of whom remain captive in Gaza.

Since then, Israeli attacks have killed at least 11,180 Palestinians – including 4,609 children and 3,100 women – according to the Palestinian Health Ministry in Ramallah, which draws on medical sources in Gaza.



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