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Benin Royal Family Suspends Akenzua for “Sacrilege”

Benin City, Edo State

The Benin Royal Family has taken decisive action against one of its members, Professor Gregory Idurobo Akenzua, over his alleged defiance of time-honored customs and traditions.

In a public statement, the family announced Professor Akenzua’s suspension from all familial duties and privileges due to his rebellious actions, which have been deemed a betrayal of the core values of respect, hierarchy, and customary arbitration.

According to the statement, Professor Akenzua’s actions have caused discord within the family, particularly concerning the Odion Egbe position, which he allegedly usurped despite his lower seniority.

Despite efforts to reconcile and adhere to custom, Professor Akenzua’s continued defiance has led to his formal suspension.

The statement reads; “It has come to the notice and attention of the Benin Royal Family that Professor Gregory Idurobo Akenzua, a member of the Royal Family, has chosen to challenge the Benin Traditional Institution through acts that are utterly at variance with the customs and tradition of the Benin people, and the core values of the Benin Royal Family.

“Professor Gregory Idurobo Akenzua, has betrayed the core values of respect for the Benin Customs and Tradition; devotion and submission to the customary hierarchy of the Benin Kingdom; and respect for customary arbitration process.
Instead, he has chosen the path of rebellion.”

The Benin Royal Family emphasized that the Oba of Benin occupies a unique position as the father of all family members, and therefore, there is no Okaegbe (family head) in the royal family. Instead, the Odion Egbe is required to defer to the Oba, a position Professor Akenzua is not entitled to due to his lower seniority.

The family’s edict, signed by Oba Ghato ‘Kpere, Ise of the Benin Royal Family, directs all members to sever ties with Professor Akenzua until he retraces his steps and returns to the path of honor and respect.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Royal Family wish to emphasize that His Royal Majesty, the Oba of Benin occupies a unique position as the father of every member of the Benin Royal Family irrespective of age. Hence the Royal family does not have an Okaegbe, like other families in Benin Kingdom but Odion Egbe who is required by tradition to defer to His Royal Majesty that he is not rightfully entitled to the position being far lower in the hierarchy of seniority in the Benin Royal Family.

“After a careful review of the facts, the Benin Royal Family has decided as follows Professor Gregory Idurobo Akenzua is hereby suspended from the Benin Royal Family for his acts of rebellion against the Benin Traditional Institution.

“Professor Gregory Idurobo Akenzua is no longer to participate in any activity connected with the Benin Royal Family.

“All members of the Benin Royal Family are strongly directed not to relate, associate, or engage with Professor Gregory Idurobo Akenzua for as long he remains suspended from the Benin Royal Family”, the statement concluded.



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