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BREAKING: 25 Hostages Released Marks Pause in Israel-Hamas Conflict

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Abuja, Nigeria

In a significant development, 245 hostages, including 13 Israelis and several Thais, were freed from the Gaza Strip on Friday, signaling a pause in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. The breakthrough deal, facilitated by the United States, Qatar, and Egypt, allowed for the exchange of hostages between the two parties.

Truth Live News gathered that 13 Israeli hostages were handed over to the Red Cross and subsequently transferred to Egypt, with plans for medical treatment and reunification with their families in Israel. In return, Israel committed to releasing 39 Palestinians, comprising 24 women and 15 teenage males, held for various alleged offenses.

Four released hostages have been identified as follows

⁃ Daniel Aloni 45 years old
⁃ Emilia Aloni 6 years old
⁃ Adina Moshe 72 years old
⁃ Margalit Mozes 78 years old

Qatar’s foreign ministry confirmed the release of 10 Thai nationals and a Filipino citizen captured on October 7, adding to the complexity of the hostage situation. The Red Cross facilitated the transfer, expressing relief at the safe release of all 25 hostages.

The ceasefire, planned for at least four days, largely held, allowing aid and fuel trucks to enter the besieged Gaza enclave. Despite Israeli military warnings, residents cautiously returned home, seeking relief from the weeks-long bombardment.

The deal, seen as a ray of hope for the families of the approximately 240 hostages taken on October 7, follows relentless campaigns and pressure by affected families. The United States, Qatar, and Egypt brokered the deal, aiming to release a total of 50 hostages, with Israel committing to free 150 Palestinian prisoners.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized the dual goals of destroying Hamas and securing the release of all hostages, characterizing the situation as a wartime effort. However, Israel faces growing global scrutiny over its military actions, with over 14,500 casualties reported, including 5,000 children, according to the local health ministry.

President Joe Biden played a direct role in the negotiations, receiving hourly updates on progress. A noteworthy element was the release of two Americans—Judith Raanan and her teenage daughter, Natalie—as a “pilot” case demonstrating the effectiveness of the negotiation system.

While the ceasefire brought a temporary reprieve, the situation remains tense, with the international community closely watching the fragile truce.

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