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BREAKING: Bobrisky Receives Six-Month Prison Sentence For Naira Abuse


In a dramatic turn of events, the controversial celebrity Bobrisky, also known as Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye, has been handed a six-month jail term by Federal High Court Judge Abimbola Awogboro. The sentence, delivered without the option of a fine, is a stern response to allegations of Naira abuse, a violation of Nigerian currency laws.

Justice Awogboro’s ruling aims to send a clear message, deterring others from engaging in similar acts of currency mutilation. Despite Bobrisky’s assertion of his male gender identity during the court proceedings, the verdict remains unchanged.

Bobrisky’s legal woes stem from four counts of Naira abuse, to which he pleaded guilty, brought forth by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). These charges outline instances where he allegedly tampered with sums of money issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria during public events.

The sentencing, retroactively starting from March 24, 2024, marks a significant chapter in Bobrisky’s peril. However, some observers view the punishment as an overreach, speculating that the government is leveraging any available charge due to his controversial persona and unconventional lifestyle choices, including cross-dressing.

While cross-dressing is not explicitly illegal in Nigeria, Bobrisky’s flaunting of accolades such as the “Best Dressed Female Award” has drawn unwanted attention and scrutiny. Many argue that his legal troubles extend beyond currency violations and are rooted in societal norms and cultural taboos surrounding gender expression.

The court’s decision, initially scheduled for last Thursday but postponed due to a federal holiday, buttressed the gravity of the charges against Bobrisky. The incidents in question date back to 2022 and span various locations in Lagos, where he allegedly sprayed money during social gatherings, violating the Central Bank Act of 2007.

As Bobrisky begins his sentence at the Ikoyi Correctional Centre, the celebrity gossip mill churns with speculation and debate over the implications of his conviction. For now, the controversial figure finds himself at the center of a legal and cultural maelstrom, navigating the consequences of his actions amidst public scrutiny and divided opinions.



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