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Breaking News: 3 Edo Lawmakers Suspended Amid Impeachment Claims

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Benin City, Edo state

In a dramatic turn of events, the Edo State House of Assembly has suspended three lawmakers amidst allegations of a conspiracy to impeach the speaker and other key figures within the assembly.

Truth Live News gathered that, the Speaker, Blessing Agbebaku dropped the bombshell during a session in Benin, singling out Donald Okogbe, Bright Iyamu, and Adeh Isibor, accusing them of colluding with external forces to destabilize the leadership.

The announcement ignited immediate chaos among the legislators, with the suspended members vehemently contesting their removal. Amidst the uproar, opposing lawmakers challenged the speaker’s authority to unilaterally suspend members, demanding a vote to validate the action.

The session descended into disarray, prompting Speaker Agbebaku to abruptly adjourn, leaving the issue unresolved and casting doubt over the assembly’s future proceedings.

The motive behind the alleged impeachment plot remains murky. Speculations abound whether this is a move by loyalists to the former deputy governor, or if it’s a clash between different factions within the assembly.

The suspension of these lawmakers has plunged the Edo Assembly into uncertainty, raising questions about the stability of its leadership and the direction of its legislative agenda.



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