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Breaking News: Malawi VP’s Plane Crash, No Survivors Found – President Reveals

Toba Owojaiye reporting
Abuja , Nigeria

President Lazarus Chakwera announced Tuesday the grim discovery of the crashed plane carrying Vice President Saulos Chilima and nine others, with no survivors reported.

Expressing deep sorrow, he delivered the news in a televised address, but there’s more to this unfolding tragedy than meets the eye.

Truth Live News gathered that the Malawian search teams located the wreckage a day after the aircraft vanished in inclement weather conditions.

The disappearance, purportedly due to poor visibility, raises suspicions, especially since it occurred during a crucial journey from Lilongwe to Mzuzu.

Photographs leaked by a member of the military rescue team depict a foggy scene with debris matching the registration number of the ill-fated Malawi Army Air Wing Dornier 228-202K aircraft.

As President Chakwera prepares to address the nation, questions linger about the circumstances of the crash and the fate of those aboard.

While rescuers scoured a mist-shrouded forest south of Mzuzu, international assistance poured in, hinting at the gravity of the situation.

The timing of the flight, departing just after 9:00 am amid challenging weather conditions, coupled with the presence of prominent figures like Malawi’s former first lady Shanil Dzimbiri, adds a layer of intrigue to the unfolding saga.

Vice President Chilima’s rollercoaster political journey, from acclaim to scandal and eventual exoneration, adds complexity to the narrative, leaving observers wondering about the true nature of events surrounding this tragic incident.



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