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Bride’s Mum In Awe As Groom Smashes Hard On Bride

In a hilarious turn of events, the mother to a bride identified as Chi, was stunned while she watched her son in-law, Ryan, smash hard on her daughter during their wedding.

The couple who just concluded their wedding rites and were out with family and friends for their reception, were having the fun of their life when the bride caught a glimpse of her mother’s facial expression.

The bride while seated, was being rocked by her excited husband, to the amazement of family and friends who were cheering him up.

However, the bride’s mother who got enthralled by her son in-law’s moves on her daughter, cried out in awe.

Ryan, whose Instagram name is Ryanthouston12, captioned the video on Instagram,  “The honeymoons going to be amazing!!!! Sorry you had to see that mama!! @chiesanoel I loveeee you💖😍

See Video Below:


Credit: Instagram/@ryanthouston12



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