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Calamity of Errors Claimed Junior Pope’s Life – Survivor Speaks Out

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Benin City, Edo state

In a very sad account of the events leading up to the tragic boat accident that claimed the life of beloved actor Junior Pope, one of the few survivors, TC Okafor, sheds light on the avoidable circumstances that led to the untimely demise of his colleague and friend.

Okafor recalled the chilling details of that fateful day, lamenting the series of errors that culminated in the devastating incident. “When we got to the location, I bought Fanta, I had 10k with me, I sprayed it on the water and gave some to the children in the area,” he recounts, painting a poignant picture of the moments preceding the tragedy.

In an Instagram live session, Okafor reveals the unease that plagued Junior Pope from the outset of the shoot. “On the first day, when Junior Pope came to the set, he wasn’t comfortable. Then after a while he said he was leaving,” he shared, highlighting the actor’s apprehension.

On the day of the incident, as the cast and crew gathered at the river to board the ill-fated boat, Okafor, who habitually sits at the front to secure the rope, took note of the lack of safety precautions. “Only two people wore life jackets; the DOP and Director,” he observes, underscoring the negligence that permeated the excursion.

Truth Live News gathered that, tragically, Okafor’s attempts to mitigate the risks fell on deaf ears. “I told everyone to put their phones in their pockets,” he recounts, a stark reminder of the overlooked safety protocols that could have averted the disaster.

As the boat embarked on its journey, Okafor’s worst fears befell them when a reckless maneuver by the boat operator led to the capsizing of the vessel. “The boat guy was wearing an earpiece and wanted to show his face in Junior Pope’s video. He jammed one of the canoes in the river and our boat capsized,” he revealed , shedding light on the reckless actions that sealed Junior Pope’s tragic fate.

In the wake of the calamity, friends, fans, and family are left grappling with the profound loss, haunted by the realization that Junior Pope’s death was a preventable tragedy. As investigations into the incident unfold, Okafor’s poignant testimony serves as a stark reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety in all endeavors, lest another life be needlessly lost to negligence.



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