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Chaos in Mumbai as Massive Billboard Collapse Results in Multiple Deaths

A huge billboard collapsed in Mumbai during severe thunderstorms, causing the deaths of at least 14 people and injuring 75 others.

A rescue operation was launched on Tuesday morning and authorities told the Press Trust of India news agency that 89 people had been rescued since the incident occurred on Monday evening.

According to Reuter, that Truthlive news learnt that the billboard, larger than an Olympic-sized swimming pool, toppled onto a fuel station, residences, and vehicles during Monday night’s thunderstorm, trapping over 100 people, according to officials.

Rescuers toiled throughout the night to extract people from the rubble along a busy road in Ghatkopar, a Mumbai suburb.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation stated that they rescued 75 wounded individuals and discovered 14 bodies.

Mohsen Shahedi, a senior officer from the National Disaster Response Force, explained to the agency that the operation was challenging due to the structure’s weight and the presence of flammable substances.

He mentioned, “We believe there is no one else stuck under the debris.”

Videos captured the towering billboard swaying in the wind before collapsing amidst a dust storm and rainfall, causing chaos in the city, including traffic jams and flight delays at Mumbai airport.

BMC disclosed that the agency responsible for the billboard lacked the necessary permit, as mentioned in their official statement.

The billboard covered an area of approximately 1,338 square meters (14,400 square feet), exceeding the maximum allowable size by a staggering nine times.



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