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Controversial Appointment of Koeshedo in PDP, Sparks Legal Debate

Toba Owojaiye Reporting 

Abuja, Nigeria 


In recent developments within the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the appointment of Hon. Koeshedo as Acting National Secretary, has become a subject of legal scrutiny, as reported by Tonye Barcanista, a PDP youth member and public affairs analyst.

According to Barcanista, Justice C.O Ajah issued orders directing the recognition of Rt. Hon. SKE Udeh-Okoye as National Secretary, emphasizing a 24-hour compliance period, a directive allegedly ignored by PDP’s Acting National Chairman, Amb. Umar Damagum.

Barcanista reported that subsequent orders by Justice Ajah, which barred Senator Samuel Anyanwu and mandated Udeh-Okoye’s recognition, were also allegedly disregarded.

FCT High Court order against Senator Anyanwu set the stage for the contentious appointment of Koeshedo.

Barcanista’s report has drawn attention to the NWC’s actions, suggesting parallels to past missteps in Plateau State, resulting in consequences such as PDP’s exclusion from elections and the loss of key seats.

According to the reported information, similar high-handedness resulted in the disqualification of APC in Rivers State for failing to conduct a fresh Ward Congress.

The reported information indicated that PDP’s Election Guidelines of 2018/2019, requiring officers seeking public office to vacate their positions, were allegedly violated. The report claims that the NWC’s amendment deleting this clause was not presented to the NEC for approval, making it legally insufficient.

Barcanista’s report highlighted past resignations, such as those of Col. Agbu Kefas and Babandi Gumel, as examples aligning with the Constitution’s requirement for officers to vacate their positions.

The reported information suggested that Senator Anyanwu’s failure to sign nomination forms aligns with the 2018/19 guidelines, raising questions about the legality of his continued role.

According to Barcanista’s report, the NWC’s failure to accept the nomination of Udeh-Okoye led to Justice Ajah’s order and subsequent appointments.

The reported information alleges that the appointment of Koeshedo as Acting National Secretary from the Southwest, disregarding Southeast nominations, raises questions about legality and authority.

Barcanista urged PDP members, including Governors, BoT members, and stakeholders, to address this situation promptly to avoid potential crises.



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