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CSOs Plans To Attain SDGs By 2030 Through Int’l Partnerships

A civil society organization has Enjoined both the public and private sectors to consider ways to re-establish Nigeria’s place on the global development route through investments.

This call was made by the organization during the African Social Impact Summit in Abuja, whose theme is “Rethinking, Rebuilding, and Recovering Accelerating Growth for SDGs in Abuja.”

The private and public sectors are enjoined to work together to create an enabling environment in order to meet UNDP’s SDGs by 2030.

The Sustainable Development Goals designed by the UNDP to end Poverty, Hunger, AIDS, and Discrimination against Women has reached five years.

The Global Community went through COVID 19 pandemic which reversed the progress made globally in reaching the SDGs.

This was very clear in Nigeria where the few people who were able to pull out of poverty before the pandemic, regressed back into poverty.

A report by World Bank shows that; the number of poor Nigerians rose, from 85.2 million in 2020 to ninety million in 2022, due to natural population growth.

A group of Civil Society Organisations also come together to address this issue by and seeks international partnerships with different stakeholders within the African Development Sector.

During a Summit, held in Abuja, leaders of various organizations, and stakeholders, all agreed that; there is an urgent need for partnership on investments, to provide solutions that will focus not only on profit but also on impact.

They also enjoined the private and public sectors to do everything possible to get back on track so that Nigeria can reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.



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