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Desperate Whitewashing: The Farce of Monday Okpebholo’s Campaign


In a stunning display of political theater, Monday Okpebholo’s campaign team has embarked on a desperate mission to whitewash his thoroughly uninspiring reputation. This effort to transform a timid, dull, and uninspiring non-achiever into a viable candidate for the governorship of Edo State is not just laughable but an insult to the intelligence of the electorate.

Let’s be clear: Monday Okpebholo is widely regarded as a colorless figure whose lackluster career has been marked by an astonishing absence of notable achievements. His attempt to paint himself as a worthy contender against Asue Ighodalo, the PDP candidate with a towering resume, is akin to comparing chalk to cheese. The difference could not be more glaring.

Asue Ighodalo’s credentials speak for themselves. He stands head and shoulders above Okpebholo, boasting a track record of excellence, leadership, and tangible results. Ighodalo’s career is a testament to what a true leader can accomplish, marked by a series of successes that have left an indelible mark on every venture he has undertaken.

In stark contrast, Okpebholo’s campaign relies on hollow rhetoric and empty promises. His supporters scramble to fabricate a narrative that masks his deficiencies, but the reality is impossible to hide. Okpebholo’s tenure in public service is devoid of any meaningful impact, characterized instead by a consistent pattern of underachievement and lack of initiative.

The electorate of Edo State deserves better than a candidate who epitomizes mediocrity. They deserve a leader with vision, energy, and the proven ability to deliver results. Asue Ighodalo embodies these qualities, offering a clear and compelling choice for voters who seek genuine progress and development for their state.

The attempt to elevate Okpebholo by his campaign team is nothing more than a farce, a desperate bid to obscure the undeniable truth: Monday Okpebholo is not fit to lead Edo State. His record is not only uninspiring but a stark reminder of the consequences of settling for less.

As the election approaches, it is crucial for the people of Edo State to see through the smokescreen and recognize the stark contrast between the candidates. Choosing Okpebholo would be a step backward, a concession to timidity and ineffectiveness. In Asue Ighodalo, voters have the opportunity to elect a leader of substance, someone who brings not just promises, but a proven blueprint for success.

Edo State stands at a crossroads. The choice is clear: embrace the future with a leader who has consistently demonstrated excellence, or settle for the past with a candidate who embodies everything that has held us back. The time for mediocrity is over. The time for true leadership is now.

I'm Israel, a creative writer, poet, photographer, videographer and news correspondent.


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