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Edo 2024: Again, Edo APC, Okpebholo in Disarray As Attempts To Raise Campaign Funds Hit Rock In Calabar Meeting

The All Progressives Congress (APC) South South Caucus meeting in Calabar ended in disarray, exposing deepening divisions within the party.

The meeting, Truth Live News gathered, was called by Senate President Godswill Akpabio to unite the party behind Senator Monday Okpebholo, the controversial candidate for the Edo State election.

However, the gathering devolved into chaos, with factions at odds over Okpebholo’s candidacy.

Senator Oshiomole, a key party leader, was conspicuously absent, reportedly due to disagreements with Akpabio over the candidate selection.

Meanwhile, other Edo State party members, including Acting Chairman Jarret Tenebe, Hon. EJ Agbinayinma, and South South Organizing Secretary Blessing Agbonmhere, pleaded for campaign funds, but received no concrete commitments.

Okpebholo’s performance at the meeting was widely panned, with attendees describing him as “laconic” and “unable to express himself.”

He failed to address the gathering or show appreciation for the support of party leaders, leading many to question his ability to lead the party to victory.

The meeting’s failure has raised questions about the party’s unity and prospects in the Edo State election.

Many are wondering if the APC has made a grave mistake in choosing Okpebholo as its candidate, with some even comparing him to a “lamp post” and a “cardboard box.”

Truth Live News reports that the divisions within the APC South South Caucus are deepening, and it remains to be seen if the party can unite behind Okpebholo’s candidacy.

One thing is however certain which is that the people of Edo State deserve better than a candidate who cannot even inspire his own party members.



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