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Edo 2024: Akpata Showboating Politician, not Contesting By Imasogie Kede


Have been following the political trajectory of Mr Olumide Akpata( AKA Osiagbovo Added) since he suddenly forayed into the Edo State political ecosystem last year. And I was at the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) Benin Branch monthly meeting last week Sunday, which he hosted. My effective conclusion is that Akpata is one of those showboating politicians who have few money to throw around without any intentional seriousness in winning the gubernatorial election. There are many of them in some of the mushroom political parties in Edo State, but it will be a waste of intellectual space to bring them from their self-induced labyrinth to the fore of discussion.

First, morally, Akpata should not have attempted to contest the election if he ever thought about the issue of Justice, Equity and Fairness, FEJ. As a lawyer of some reputation, where is his sense of moral justice? The outgoing governor, Godwin Obaseki, is a member of his immediate constituency and a relative, from Edo South Senatorial District. How can Akpata think of contesting from the same zone after his relative is on the passage from an eight year term? Where is his sense of equity and fairness as a so called priest in the temple of justice?

Secondly, Akpata was never known in the Edo State politics, even through proxy or directly until the not fizzling out Obidient Movement euphoria of last year that saw the Labour Party (LP) won the general election in Edo State.

Akpata came into LP in Edo State to displace those who were there from the inception. He was never part of the members who galvanized the public to win in 2023. All of a sudden, he bamboozled the poor and hapless members with money and material needs to win them over where it was alleged $1,000 was doled out to buy their delegate votes.

It was also alleged that he, Akpata, masterminded the unfortunate humiliation of the embattled National Chairman of the LP, Bar Abure, by the police days to the primary election because Abure was said to have collected huge amount from Ken Immasuagbon to give him victory. There might be truth in the rumour as we can see he alone is campaigning with no support from the leaders of the party. In fact, many of the LP or Obidient Movement members have moved to either PDP or APC, their parent parties.

So to me, a vote for Akpata by anyone from Edo South is a wasted vote; he is not contesting but showboating like a football player showing skills in a match they are loosing.

I'm Israel, a creative writer, poet, photographer, videographer and news correspondent.


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