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Edo 2024: APC in Turmoil as Stakeholders Rethink Support for Guber Candidate, Okpebholo

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting


More lines are falling out of place for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming Edo State gubernatorial election, Monday Okpebholo, as party stakeholders are reportedly reconsidering their stance on his candidacy.

Multiple sources in Benin City have revealed to Truth Live News that the APC is frustrated with the campaign progress of their candidate, Monday Okpebholo. Despite efforts to gain traction, Okpebholo’s campaign has struggled to resonate with voters across the state.

“The party is not happy with Monday Okpebholo. His growing rejection across the State is a serious cause for concern even in Abuja,” an anonymous source stated.

Key stakeholders within the party are expressing their discontent and hinting at a potential shift in loyalty towards another candidate. “Many of our key stakeholders are saying they will support and vote for Asue Ighodalo in September. They say they are just with us but they will rather vote for Asue Ighodalo,” the source added.

Okpebholo’s campaign has been marred by issues of coordination and leadership, leading to widespread dissatisfaction among party members. “Monday Okpebholo is bringing us humiliation every now and then. His inability to be coordinated as a person is a serious embarrassment. The people of Edo State are not interested in our campaign at all. It is rejection all over the place,” lamented the anonymous insider.

The discontent within the APC ranks has reached a point where even party loyalty is being questioned. “The fact is Monday Okpebholo was imposed on us. He is not our choice. Yet he lacks the charisma expected in a leader in every way even the very least of it, he lacks it. He is very unconvincing. Even our own party members have since pitched their tent with Asue Ighodalo,” the source continued.

Concerns have also been raised about the lack of support from higher levels of the party. “We even fear that Mr President may have abandoned us to our fate in Edo. Ighodalo is winning this forthcoming election, honestly much as it worries me as a stakeholder in the APC,” the source noted.

The internal strife has distracted the APC from mounting a robust campaign, with energies being diverted towards less significant issues. “Instead of us to put our campaign house in order, we are busy trying to focus our energy into PDP affair, see the almighty APC trying to celebrate what is not worth our attention on a good day. A lawyer misinterpreted a judgement for us and we are celebrating the misinterpretation. That is how bad things are with the Monday Okpebholo campaign right now. It is really finished as the APC campaign is not making any form of progress at all till now,” the source concluded.



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