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Edo 2024: APC’s Brilliant Photoshop, Tepid Conclusion By Tony Alile


My attention was drawn to a photoshop of a certain event where Governor Godwin Obaseki could be seen standing behind Dr Asue Ighodalo, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate in the Edo State gubernatorial election, and a bottle of Don Perignon standing alone under the table.

Known for peddling lies and propaganda, the not too smart All Progressive Congress(APC) hackwriter concluded by saying that Gov Obaseki and Dr Asue were indulging themselves with a bottle of drink costing four hundred thousand Naira.

A few things readily come to mind when you look at the picture very carefully again; the first being that the table is a high table with no covering on any side. So how does that amount to hiding something that you can still see? Propagandists and their lies. Is that not silly?

Secondly, on top of the table you have mostly water bottles and microphones which suggests that the event was a serious event and not a relaxation evening outing as suggested by the incompetent APC propagandist and hatchet writer.

Thirdly, both individuals were billionaires before one of them came into public office and the other seeking public office. Though they are known for frugality and detest prodigality, four hundred and twenty thousand Naira from their personal income should not be much of an issue for them. But peddlers of lies and propaganda would like to make an issue out of it. This is apart from the fact that the picture is a dumb photoshop.

On the flip side, however, is that the writer helps us see more clearly how much the APC government at the Centre has ruined this country with galloping inflation.

He claims the drink is four hundred and twenty thousand Naira, which under the current exchange rate of 1600 is actually $262. Under former President Goodluck Jonathan, that same Don Perignon would have cost only fifty five thousand.

Since the writer wants to remind us of current prices of goods I would like to do him a favour that Garri that used to cost N600 ten years ago now costs N4000. But the propagandist in him will now let him know.

The cow head that used to cost N8,000 is now N80,000. Let’s remind all liars and propagandists that it’s not only drinks for the rich that have become pricey, items for the poor and middle class have also gone out of reach for them.

So, the conclusion of the silly post is actually a sad reminder of how exorbitant things have become under the APC led administration. If APC doesn’t kill this country, I don’t see what else will kill it. But as usual, they are ever ready with one lie and propaganda or another.

Hon Tony Alile is a
Campaign Council

I'm Israel, a creative writer, poet, photographer, videographer and news correspondent.


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