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Edo 2024: Asue Ighodalo Has No Enemies To Fight – By Darlington Okpebholo Ray

In Edo State politics, a new luminary has emerged, casting a brilliant glow across the landscape with his insight, prowess, and eloquence. Dr. Asue Ighodalo, the People’s Democratic Party’s gubernatorial candidate, has swiftly captured the hearts and minds of Edo’s populace, breaking ethnic barriers, transcending geographical boundaries and captivating both local and international audiences with his visionary leadership.



From the bustling streets of Benin City, the state capital, to the serene avenues of Eguare Palace Road in Ohodua, Esan South-East LGA, conversations revolve around Dr. Asue Ighodalo and his transformative vision for Edo’s economic development. Even beyond the borders of Edo, in cosmopolitan hubs like New York, London, Berlin, Toronto, Paris, and Torin, the discourse is centred on the potential of a new era under Ighodalo’s stewardship.



What sets Ighodalo apart is not just his intellect or oratory finesse but his offering of an inclusive approach to governance. He has adopted a reconciliation stance, reaching out to all factions within the PDP and beyond, exemplifying the ethos of unity over division. His efforts to bridge political divides, as evidenced by his engagement with figures like Chief Dan Osi Orbih, the national vice chairman (south-south) of the PDP and former party aspirants, speak volumes about his statesmanship and commitment to a united front.

Asue Ighodalo addressing PDP Supporters at Chief Dan Orbih’s annual end-of-year get-together with the national vice chairman of the PDP South-South


In a political landscape often marred by strife and discord, Ighodalo’s “I have no enemies to fight” mantra resonates deeply, heralding a new era of collaborative governance in Edo. By convening Exco meetings and fostering dialogue among erstwhile adversaries, he has demonstrated his capacity to navigate complex political terrain with grace and diplomacy.



The upcoming September 21, 2024 election is a testament to the importance of competence, equity, and unity in shaping Edo’s future trajectory. Asue Ighodalo embodies these principles, offering a candidacy and a blueprint for progress and prosperity. His ability to assemble a formidable team and rally them towards a common goal positions him as the frontrunner in the race for Osadebe Avenue.



In the tapestry of Edo State politics, Asue Ighodalo emerges not just as a candidate but as a beacon of hope and a much-needed paradigm shift.



His journey symbolizes the collective aspirations of a people yearning for a brighter tomorrow, guided by principles of inclusivity, integrity, and visionary leadership. As the countdown to September begins, all eyes are on Ighodalo, the embodiment of Edo’s aspirations for a better, more prosperous future.


Asue Ighodalo’s style of politics without bitterness is in total contrast with the famous quote by Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher of the Classical period who is considered a top thinker in Political Philosophy, who said in one of his quotes, “Leaders ought to be gentle with their political friends and dangerous to their enemies.” This, of course, is alien to Nigerian politics and depicts that the PDP candidate has no enemies to fight.

Won’t Edo people rather have such an impeccable character as their next Governor?


Deacon Darlington Okpebholo Ray, a Journalist and Political Strategist, writes from Greenwich, South-East London, United Kingdom.



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