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Edo 2024: Asue Ighodalo Raises Alarm on Auchi Land Erosion, Promises Solutions

Dr. Asue Ighodalo, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the upcoming Edo State Governorship election, has voiced his dismay regarding the increasing land degradation caused by water erosion in parts of Auchi, the Political Headquarters of Etsako West Local Government Area.

During a visit to the Auchi-Igarra Road gully, Dr. Asue expressed concern over the significant damage caused to major roads, farmlands, and residential areas by gullies and pledged to collaborate with national and international agencies specializing in land reclamation projects so that the gullies and their root causes would be attended.

He further stressed the importance of addressing the root causes of the gullies to prevent further devastation.

In the meantime, Dr. Asue advised against the use of the Auchi-Igarra road by heavy-duty trucks to prevent potential landslides and loss of lives. He urged local authorities to implement measures to manage traffic in the area and mitigate the imminent dangers posed by the road’s condition.

Additionally, Dr. Asue visited the Oshionhole-Osomeke villages of Auchi, where he witnessed the destruction caused by gullies, resulting in the displacement of residents and damage to houses. He assured the affected residents of his genuine concern and promised to allocate the necessary resources to address the challenges once elected as the governor of Edo State.



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