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Edo 2024: Asue Ighodalo Ticks All The Boxes [Editorial]

As the Edo gubernatorial elections countdown intensifies, the political landscape is abuzz with the name of one man who seems to have it all – Barr Asue Ighodalo. While some may dismiss the hype as mere flattery, a closer inspection reveals that Ighodalo ticks off almost every box an ideal candidate requires. Here’s why he stands out from the crowd:

Legal Luminary: With a background in law and extensive experience in corporate and commercial matters, Ighodalo is a legal heavyweight. As a partner in Banwo & Ighodalo, a leading law firm in Nigeria, he has demonstrated his expertise in various practice areas.

Boardroom Negotiator: Ighodalo’s role as Chairman on several boards, including Sterling Bank Limited and Nigerian Breweries Plc, shows his prowess as a skilled negotiator and strategic thinker in the corporate world.

Corporate History: His track record in corporate finance, capital markets, and mergers and acquisitions speaks volumes about his ability to navigate complex business environments and drive growth.

Youth Connection: Unlike many candidates, Ighodalo has genuinely tried connecting with the youth. From engaging with university students to embracing social media trends, he has captured the attention and support of young voters.

Best Media Coverage: Ighodalo’s media campaign has been impressive, with over 50 TV and radio appearances and a strong presence on social media platforms. His ability to effectively engage with the press and convey his message has set him apart from his competitors.

Most Creative Campaign: From trending challenges to viral hashtags, Ighodalo’s campaign has been marked by creativity and innovation, capturing the imagination of voters across the state.

Support of the Incumbent Governor: The fact that Governor Obaseki is not opposed to Ighodalo’s candidacy speaks volumes about his credibility and acceptance within the party. Moreover, his endorsement by former governors of Edo State adds further weight to his candidacy.

Economic Guru: With a deep understanding of financial issues and a commitment to driving progress, Ighodalo is well-positioned to steer the state towards prosperity.

Grassroot Appeal: Ighodalo’s ability to unite PDP stakeholders across different state regions highlights his grassroots appeal and ability to build consensus.

Equity and Fairness: His candidacy represents a move towards equity and fairness, addressing the clamour for a governor from Edo Central and resonating with voters across party lines.

On a Top 3 Political Party: By winning the PDP primaries, Ighodalo has demonstrated his ability to compete on a central party platform, setting himself apart from candidates who opt for fringe parties.

Rich Family Pedigree: Ighodalo comes from a distinguished family background, with parents who significantly contributed to Nigerian society. This heritage instils in him a sense of responsibility and leadership.

Work Ethic: Ighodalo’s tireless work ethic and commitment to engaging with the community set him apart as a candidate who is genuinely invested in the welfare of the people.

In conclusion, Asue Ighodalo represents the ideal candidate for the Edo gubernatorial elections. With his blend of legal expertise, corporate experience, grassroots appeal, and commitment to progress, he is poised to lead the state to greater heights. As the campaigns kick off, all signs point to Ighodalo as the candidate who truly ticks all the boxes.




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