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Edo 2024: Asue Ighodalo`s Endorsement By The Okpebholo Family, A Political Masterstroke (Report)

….The selection of governorship candidate is essential in the impending Edo 2024 elections.


The visit by Edo Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate Asue Ighodalo to the Okpebholo family in Uromi has sparked exciting debates among political analysts in Edo state, especially because Senator Monday Okpebholo is the flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

It is apparent that Senator Okpebholo’s ties to the illustrious Okpebholo family are not as strong as some may have believed, despite the fact that his origins and genealogy have been questioned.

The Okpebholo family has a long history in Edo politics that dates back to the old Bendel, now Edo and Delta states. The family was particularly influential in the former Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. From the late Hon. Raymond Okpebholo’s role in Prof. Ambrose Alli’s ascent to the position of Bendel state governor, the contributions of Enr. Hon. Felix Okpebholo and Deacon Ray Darlington Okpebholo, both of the PDP, the Okpebholo family has left a lasting legacy in the political history of the old Bendel and modern Edo states.

Asue Ighodalo

However, their allegiance has always been with the PDP, as evident from their active involvement in supporting Barr Asue Ighodalo. The Okpebholo family’s decision to stand with Asue Ighodalo speaks volumes, as many see it as a political masterstroke already positively impacting the Ighodalo/Ogie candidacy.


The endorsement was led by notable figures like Engr Hon Felix Okpebholo (the Most senior member of the family) and Barr Engr. Patrick Okpebholo, a crowd puller and grassroots mobiliser who recently moved with all his massive supporters to the PDP from the LP, as well as Deacon Darlington Ray Okpebholo, demonstrates a clear preference for competence and legacy over mere namesakes.


Investigations revealed that this support is based on political heritage and a careful assessment of who can lead Edo State forward. Moreover, the ancestral connection between the Okpebholo and Ighodalo families further solidifies their support for Asue Ighodalo. According to findings, both families hail from the same historical background from Okaigben in Ewohimi. The Okpebholos, who are of the Amedokhian community in Uromi, are said to have traced their roots back to Okaigben.


Amedokhian is also the home of many prominent Uromi families, such as the Itulahs, Vincent Ogun, Chief Ojomoh, Umhonebhilin, the Okperes, et al.


This connection underscores the alignment of values and vision between Asue Ighodalo and the Okpebholo family. On the other hand, Senator Monday Okpebholo ‘s candidacy lacks the depth of support and legitimacy that comes with genuine lineage ties. Despite attempts to leverage the surname “Okpebholo,” it’s clear that the famous and prominent Okpebholo family of Uromi has no family ties with the senator. Hence, they have thrown their weight behind Asue Ighodalo, leaving Senator Okpebholo grasping at thin air.


It is also worth noting that seasoned Uromi politicians like Rt Hon Barr Sir Friday Itulah and Prince Hon. Joe Okojie have rallied behind Asue Ighodalo. Their endorsement, alongside that of the Okpebholo family, solidifies Asue Ighodalo’s position as the preferred candidate for those who value competence, integrity, and genuine connections to Edo’s heritage.


This is where the rubber meets the road. The choice for Edo’s next governor is clear. Asue Ighodalo represents a path forward rooted in competence, integrity, and genuine connections to the people and the state’s history. On the other hand, Senator Monday Okpebholo’s candidacy lacks the depth of support and legitimacy needed to lead Edo State effectively.


As the Edo 2024 gubernatorial campaign officially kicks off today, Wednesday, 24th April, the Okpebholo family’s unequivocal endorsement of Asue Ighodalo, alongside other prominent stakeholders, signals a new era of leadership for Edo—built on trust, unity, and progress.






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