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Edo 2024: Ighodalo, Right Choice for Edo State – Asekhame, AIM Coordinator

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Benin City, Edo state.

In the political landscape of Edo State, the emergence of Dr. Asue Ighodalo, backed by the Asue Ighodalo Movement (AIM), heralds a potential paradigm shift.

Hon. Dan Asekhame, a luminary and the mastermind behind AIM, elucidated the group’s mission and articulated the rationale behind their unwavering support for Ighodalo in an exclusive discourse with a retinue of journalists that included Truth Live News.

At the heart of AIM’s ethos lies a commitment to grassroots mobilization and galvanizing new voters into the electoral fold. Asekhame delineated their strategic blueprint, emphasizing a meticulous focus on door-to-door and street-level campaigning to amplify Ighodalo’s electoral traction.

Central to their agenda is the imperative to engender awareness among the populace, urging them to capitalize on the imminent Continuous Voters Registration exercise commencing on the 27th and to cast their ballots for Ighodalo come September 21.

When probed on the impetus driving their unflinching allegiance to Ighodalo, Asekhame extolled the virtues that set him apart in the crowded political arena of Edo State. With an unassailable conviction, Asekhame extolled Ighodalo’s towering stature, citing his unrivaled experience, sagacity, and proven track record in stewarding large-scale enterprises.

He said “Without being told, if you look at the political set up as it is now in the state in terms of those who are contesting, Asue Ighodalo stands out. I mean without mincing words or any iota of doubt, he is way taller than the others in all aspects. Just by listening to them, you cannot compare any of the other candidates with Asue Ighodalo.

He has the experience, he is well exposed. He is somebody who has the capacity to manage the economy of Edo State. We must not hand over our economy to people who are novice to handle. He is someone who has handled very big organisations, who has been able to direct big institutions successfully. Just look at his antecedents and pedigree, everywhere he has been, it has been success stories.

So, there is no doubt that he is better by far for the job at stake. I have been with him, he is a very cordial person, very friendly, very calculating and a visionary. If we give him the mantle, I know he will turn the state around. He will be able to continue the good work of Governor Godwin Obaseki. He is somebody with the requisite capacity to lead our state, and that is without doubt. I repeat, without doubt. So, if I have the interest of the state at heart, I believe that I should throw my weight behind the person that will be able to handle the economy and make it work for all.”

Grounded in a judicious assessment of Ighodalo’s acumen and vision, Asekhame unequivocally affirmed that he is unequivocally the quintessential candidate poised to steer Edo’s economy to unprecedented heights, seamlessly continuing the laudable legacy of Governor Godwin Obaseki.



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