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Edo 2024: Ighodalo Thrills Yet Again at Oza Parliament (Video)


Toba Owojaiye reporting
Benin City, Edo State


A recent assembly of Benin’s political elite at Oza Parliament was a testament to unity and promise. The atmosphere resembled a jubilant street festivity, with anticipation pulsating through the outdoor venue. Leaders representing various facets of Benin society converged to listen to Dr. Asue Ighodalo, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate.

Truth Live News gathered that Barr Asue Ighodalo’s arrival was marked by a magnetic presence. Opting against the conventional high table, he positioned himself amidst the assembly, symbolizing solidarity with the people. This gesture catalyzed a collective seating arrangement, fostering an ambiance of collaboration and shared resolve.

Commencing with formalities of prayers and acknowledgments, the event swiftly transitioned into an unexpected yet delightful interlude as attendees clamored for selfies with Ighodalo. The impromptu snapshot session ignited a fervor, as participants sought to capture the moment with the esteemed candidate, who graciously indulged each request, infusing the gathering with an aura of joy and engagement.

Taking center stage, Ighodalo held his audience spellbound with his vision for Edo State. His discourse, interspersed with resounding cheers of concurrence, epitomized a masterclass in leadership and foresight. He articulated a comprehensive blueprint encompassing pivotal domains from security to economic rejuvenation, underscoring prosperity for all.

Ighodalo’s impassioned plea for discernment in electoral choices, advocating for meritocracy over mediocrity, struck a resonant chord among the assembly. Their response, marked by spirited applause and vocal affirmation, underscored a collective endorsement of his candidacy.

What commenced as a formal assembly metamorphosed into a vibrant celebration of unity and shared purpose. The convivial ambiance mirrored the optimism and aspiration inspired by Ighodalo’s candidacy within the Edo populace. As the event concluded, it was evident that Ighodalo had not only conveyed his vision but also galvanized a burgeoning movement poised to propel Edo State toward a luminous future.

Watch the video below:


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