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Edo 2024: Ighodalo’s Candidacy As Mission For Continuous Progress


Amidst the anticipation surrounding the forthcoming 2024 governorship election in Edo State, Dr. Asue Ighodalo, a frontline and leading gubernatorial candidate under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has asserted his candidacy, positioning himself as the ideal successor to Governor Godwin Obaseki and the next landlord of the Dennis Osadebey Avenue.

Ighodalo, with background steeped in years of service and a commitment to the state’s prosperity and development, robes himself with the garment of hope and promise for a brighter future of Edo State.

Recall that Ighodalo, without any fear or favour, boldly declared himself as the ideal candidate to succeed Governor Godwin Obaseki. But what truly sets him apart? Let’s look closely into the essence of Asue Ighodalo’s candidacy and why he stands as the best choice to lead Edo State into a new era of prosperity and progress.

Humble Beginnings, Vast Experience: Hailing from Ewohimi in Esan south east LGA, Ighodalo represents the essence of a true Edo citizen – grounded, resilient, and deeply committed to the welfare of his people.

Distinguished Career in both Private and Public sectors: Wealth of experience:

His tenure as Chairman of Nigerian Breweries, Plc, coupled with his pivotal roles in Senator Adams Oshiomhole’s Economic Team and as Chairman of the Alaghodaro Summit, attests to his astute leadership and visionary foresight.

A Man of the People:

In a candid conversation with journalists in Benin City, Ighodalo stressed his unbending and total dedication to serving the people of Edo State. Dispelling notions of being beholden to any particular interest group, he reaffirmed his status as “nobody’s candidate,” driven solely by a fervent desire to uplift his beloved state. His decision to transition from the comfort of the private sector to the demanding space of politics lends credence to his deep-seated commitment to effecting positive change at a larger scale.

Vision for a Stronger Edo:

Ighodalo’s vision for Edo State revolves around the core principles of economic empowerment, infrastructure development, and social welfare. He envisions a state where every citizen has access to essential amenities such as good roads, clean water, quality healthcare, and education. As the heartbeat of the nation, Edo State holds immense potential for growth and prosperity, and Ighodalo is indeed ready to harness its resources for the collective good of the people.

Continuity and Unity:

Acknowledging the importance of continuity in governance, Ighodalo pledges to build upon the legacies of past administrations while charting a new course for progress. He recognizes the need for policy consistency and vows to critically evaluate existing policies to ensure their relevance and effectiveness in addressing present-day challenges. Furthermore, he stresses the importance of amplifying unity within the state, bridging divides, and rallying all stakeholders behind a common vision for Edo’s future.

A Champion of Youth Empowerment and Cultural Preservation:

Central to Ighodalo’s agenda is the empowerment of Edo’s youth, whom he views as catalysts for innovation and development. This is even as he promised to create opportunities for youth participation in governance, harnessing their talents and energy to drive positive change. In addition to this, he pledges to preserve Edo’s rich cultural heritage in collaboration with the revered Oba of Benin, safeguarding the traditions and identity of the kingdom for generations to come.

A Unifying Force:

In addressing potential party conflicts, Ighodalo draws upon his corporate expertise in conflict resolution and consensus-building. He believes in the power of dialogue and collaboration to reconcile divergent interests and forge a cohesive path forward. His track record of unifying diverse organizations speaks volume about his ability to navigate complex challenges with grace and determination.

The Bottomline:

Ighodalo’s candidacy represents a guiding force for Edo State, a promise of transformative leadership and inclusive governance. With his unrivalled commitment, vast experience, and visionary outlook, he wears the qualities of a true statesman, unbendingly ready to further and even beat the existing pace of prosperity and progress set by the incumbent and working Governor, Godwin Obaseki.

Therefore, as the September 21, 2024 election approaches, this writer is convinced that the good people of the Edo state, or Edo electorates, if you like, have a rare opportunity to choose a leader who will champion their aspirations and elevate their collective destiny to an unprecedented and enviable pedestal and will never go for an opportunist or a political rookie who knows next to nothing about leadership and its fundamentals.



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