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Edo 2024: Okpebholo Dynasty Throws Support Behind Asue Ighodalo

Toba Owojaiye in Benin.

The political landscape often divides families along party lines. Still, the Okpebholo family of Uromi, Esan North East, Edo State, has defied conventional expectations by rallying behind Barr Asue Ighodalo’s candidacy despite their friend and namesake Senator Monday Okpebholo being the APC gubernatorial candidate.


This unprecedented show of solidarity showcases their unwavering commitment to advancing their community and the greater good of Edo State. The decision to support Barr Asue Ighodalo was solidified during his weekend visit to Bishop Dr Matthew Okpebholo, a senior family member.


Dr. Asue Ighodalo with Engr. Barr Patrick Okpebholo and Amb. Dr. Odion Okpebholo

But another prominent family member, Barr. Engr. Patrick Okpebholo, who communicated the family’s decision to the media, boldly asserted that Asue Ighodalo was the preferred candidate, emphasizing his suitability to lead over other candidates.


The visit of the PDP candidate to the home of the Bishop and billionaire construction guru is seen as a strategic move by the candidate in consolidating the chances of the party in securing victory in the 21st September Edo gubernatorial election, as the Ray Royal Construction Company LTD Nationwide Chairman is known to be a significant influence in Esan land and beyond.

Dr Ighodalo with Amb. Dr Odion Okpebholo and Engr. Kelvin Okpebholo

The billionaire Bishop from Church of God Mission International Incorporated and a seasoned philanthropist who, through his charitable foundation, has empowered many youths and elderly people and hundreds of thousands of Esan students who have been beneficiaries of his scholarship schemes for about three decades and still counting has become a force to reckon with in determining who gets what in Esan land and to some extent Edo State, even though he’s not known to belong to any political party.


The endorsement didn’t stop there; Ambassador Dr Odion Okpebholo, a former APC 2024 Edo gubernatorial aspirant, also recognised the potential for progress under Asue Ighodalo’s leadership and endorsed the candidate by aligning with the PDP. This unified stance underscores the family’s belief in Asue Ighodalo’s ability to steer Edo State towards prosperity and fulfilment of its potential.


Moreover, the impact of the Okpebholo family’s endorsement cannot be overemphasised. Their influence was acknowledged when Peter Obi, the father of the “Obidient movement” and a political heavyweight, visited their home to express gratitude for their collective support during the 2023 Presidential election.


This acknowledgement further highlights the significance of their decision to shape the political landscape of Edo State. In a show of solidarity and determination, other prominent members of the Okpebholo family, including Engr. Linus Okpebholo, President of Nino Hotels and Entertainment in Abuja, and Deacon Darlington Okpebholo Ray, CEO of Truth Media Communication LTD, have all pledged their unwavering commitment to Asue Ighodalo’s candidacy.


Their confidence in his ability to lead Edo State to unprecedented heights resonates deeply with the aspirations of the entire family—furthermore, Engr. Kelvin Okpebholo, a grassroots youth mobilizer, has also pledged to harness his networks and resources to mobilize support for Asue Ighodalo and his running mate, Osarodion Ogie. This grassroots support, coupled with the backing of influential family members,




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