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Edo 2024: Okpebholo’s Plea for Presidential Support Rebuffed Amid National Issues

Gubernatorial Candidate’s Plea for Presidential Support Rebuffed Amid National Issues

By Eseosa Ewere


In the lead-up to the September 21st Edo governorship election, APC candidate Monday Okpebholo, known as Akpakomiza, has sought the support of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. However, his efforts have been unsuccessful as the President has indicated that he is preoccupied with pressing national and economic challenges.

According to reports, President Tinubu emphasized that the Edo governorship election should be a true test of the candidates’ popularity and the public’s acceptance of their parties. Observers note that his neutral stance indicates a refusal to play favorites, despite Akpakomiza’s hopes for presidential backing.

Akpakomiza and his APC supporters seemingly wish to bypass the electoral process entirely. However, the citizens of Edo, both domestically and abroad, have expressed overwhelming support for candidates Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie, seeing them as the most beneficial political development in the state since 1999.

Support for Ighodalo and Ogie, referred to as the AiO² arrangement, is strong both locally and among the Edo diaspora. This backing has placed Edo at the forefront of public discourse, with many seeing Ighodalo and Ogie as pivotal to sustaining and expanding the state’s development.

As the election date nears, the APC’s struggles have intensified, with the party’s and its candidate’s popularity waning. Recently, the APC faced a significant setback when a court ruling did not address their speculations about the PDP primaries and Asue Ighodalo. This development embarrassed the APC, driving Akpakomiza to seek presidential endorsement, which has not been forthcoming.

The APC’s attempt to discredit the PDP candidate by spreading falsehoods has highlighted their inadequacies and unpreparedness, strengthening support for Ighodalo and Ogie. The resilient Edo electorate has seen through the APC’s propaganda and is more determined to support the AiO² team.

Despite their efforts to secure presidential support, Akpakomiza and his campaign team have been told to focus on their own efforts. “Mr. President is now overwhelmed by increasing national security and economic issues; go and manage your campaigns, sell your product, if it is attractive, Edo people will buy,” a presidential ally advised Akpakomiza.

The APC’s failed tactics have left the party in disarray, with the Edo people increasingly supporting Ighodalo and Ogie. As the election approaches, AiO²’s campaign continues to gain momentum, positioning them as the likely successors to Governor Obaseki.

Meanwhile, Akpakomiza’s campaign, weakened and desperate, continues to struggle in the face of impending defeat.




Wriiten by Eseosa Ewere, the Media and Publicity Director for the Ikpoba-Okha Campaign Council supporting Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie.



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