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Edo 2024: ‘What Matters Is Esan Governorship’

Lucky Obukohwo, Reporting


The coast is almost 99 per cent clear for Edo Central Senatorial District to produce the next state governor on September 21, 2024.


The agitation for fairness, equity, and justice, which are the tripod that a given state like Edo State, which is naturally calibrated into three regions, South, North and Central, with their unique peculiarity stand, is gradually coming to fruition with the two major political parties in the state, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) zeroing on the candidates from that region.


The two major contenders are Mr Asue Ighodalo of the PDP and Senator Monday Okpebholo Akpakomiza of the APC.


Unfortunately, the Labour Party (LP) in the state did not buy into this “Esan Agenda,” but this cannot stop the vision, which has come to pass.


Dramatically, for either of the parties to take over the soul of Edo, they have finally yielded to the voice of reason and ceded the battle to them to slug it out themselves. Election, as it is known worldwide, is a game of numbers.


The three regions, South, North and Central, have numerical strength. Without mincing words, Edo South Senatorial District has the numerical strength to swing any political results to one favour, followed by Edo North Senatorial District. In contrast, Edo Central has to depend on the mercy of either of the regions, especially Edo South Senatorial District, to clinch power easily.


The bottom line for the region is that it should be supported to produce the next state governor. Speaking on this, Mr Daniel Ayemere from Igueben Local Government Area of the state said he is not bothered about who wins among the two contenders but that all he wants is for an Esan man to become the governor of the state. He said the two governorship candidates are their proud sons with whom they are well pleased.


Ayemere said both sons have what it takes to turn the state’s fortune around, as they have been tested and trusted over the years in their various fields of endeavour.


So, they are never perturbed at all. “We, the Esan people, have been yearning for this golden opportunity. It is the Lord’s doing, marvellous in our sight.


“After Ambrose Alli, we were in a political coma, but God has remembered us by giving us two candidates from the two major political parties in the state and the country.


“We cannot criticize one for the other. We don’t mind any parties the governor comes from, provided it is from Esanland, ” Ayemere said.


Also, Mr. Chris Akhabue said that whatever the outcome of the pendulum swings, it is fine and reasonable for the Esan people.


“We are now saying that the electorate from Edo North Senatorial District and that of Edo South Senatorial District should support the agitation of the Edo Central Senatorial District to produce the next governor.


“So, whatever way it goes, it is okay by the Esan people”, Akhabue said.





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