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Edo Govt-Palace: PDP Chieftain Dispels Rumoured Feud Amidst APC’s Chaotic Propaganda

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting

Edo State, Nigeria 


Amidst the anticipation leading up to the upcoming Edo State 2024 governorship election, Evangelist Maria Isemeivbodan Oisamoje, a notable figure in the PDP and a power broker from Owan East Local Government Area, has emerged as a vocal advocate for clarity and integrity in campaigning.

Addressing party members and supporters, Oisamoje unequivocally dismissed the tactics employed by the APC, urging a steadfast focus on the PDP’s vision for the state’s future. “Disregard APC machinations of anchoring its campaign on propaganda, calumny, and unprintable name-calling,” she declared, emphasizing the need to rise above pettiness and lies.

With conviction, Oisamoje pointed out the apparent desperation of the APC, highlighting their recent attempts to embroil the revered Benin Monarch in political maneuvering. “The APC’s resolve to resort to unfounded blackmail is indicative of their lack of substantive policies,” she asserted, urging party faithfuls to remain undeterred by such tactics.

Central to Oisamoje’s message was a reaffirmation of the PDP’s purpose-driven approach to governance, particularly under the leadership of Governor Godwin Obaseki. She underscored the administration’s developmental strides, which she believes will resonate with Edo citizens and secure victory for the PDP.

In contrast to the APC’s alleged disarray, Oisamoje highlighted the PDP’s coherent strategy and respect for traditional institutions, particularly the esteemed Benin Monarch. “The PDP upholds the dignity of our traditional rulers and seeks to foster peace and tranquility,” she stated, emphasizing the crucial role of traditional leadership in governance.

Regarding the purported feud between the State Government and the PDP, Oisamoje swiftly dispelled any notions of discord, citing the party’s confidence in its impending victory. “There is no feud because we are already coasting to victory,” she affirmed, echoing the sentiment of optimism among party members.



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