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Edo Guber: Ideas Rule The World — By Olu Martins



Nations have risen and fallen over the quality of ideas that leadership espouses and pursues.

The quality of ideas that a leader pursues to implement will reflect on the quality of life of his people.

Dr Asue Ighodalo has proved to be a man of ideas. Over eighty percent ( 80%) of the positive sound bites as far as the 2024 Edo elections are concerned have come from him.

While the other candidates are backbiting and trying to pull him down to their level of puerile talk, he just flies above them with superior ideas.

His five point agenda of well being for all, growing the economy, good governance, providing security and ensuring environmental sustainability continue to catch the fancy of well meaning Edo people home and in the diaspora.

Lies and half truths don’t help anyone. Singapore didn’t rise by propaganda but by a diligent pursuit of a well articulated prosperity agenda. China didn’t rise by feeding the people with falsehood but by engaging in policies and programs that guarantee that the economy works and booms for all.

There is no replacement for a brilliant hardworking leader who is willing to engage in dialogues with the generality of The populace on how to better their lives.


Dr Asue Ighodalo is more than capable of moving Edo State from where it is now and making it the cynosure of all eyes in the areas of economic development, agricultural boom and educational proficiency.

Let’s not listen to the sounding cymbals of the lying opposition seeking to distract from the main agenda of issue based campaigns to drag us into the murky waters of campaigns of calumny and castigation. They know that as long as we stay on the core issues they stand no chance. We have a duty therefore as a party to keep “peppering” with the ideas our candidate and his deputy have boldly documented because the truth will always prevail over a to Iie no matter what


Rev Olu Martins, Deputy Director General, Media and Publicity, Asue/Ogie Campaign Management Council.

I'm Israel, a creative writer, poet, photographer, videographer and news correspondent.


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