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Edo PDP Campaign Council Lauds Obaseki’s Productivity Ahead of Guber Poll


Joel Osaigbovo Aluge Reporting

Edo State, Benin City

The PDP campaign council has praised Governor Godwin Obaseki for his productivity and achievements as the state approaches the upcoming elections. They emphasized his effective governance and development initiatives, positioning them as key strengths in the electoral campaign.

The Ighodalo/Ogie Campaign Management Council commended Governor Godwin Obaseki, noting that despite having just six months remaining in his administration, he remains dedicated to development initiatives. They highlighted the government’s continued focus on several ongoing projects aimed at improving the lives of the people.

This position comes in the wake of two prominent leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party, Martins Osakue from Oredo Local Government Area (LGA), and former Federal Commissioner in the Public Complaints Commission (PCC), Oladele Bankole-Balogun from Akoko-Edo LGA, resigning from the party.

Deputy Director General of Media and Publicity for the campaign, Olu Martins, stated that Governor Obaseki has remained focused on governance despite the ongoing campaigns, unlike in many states where governance often takes a backseat during this period. This commitment to governance is seen as beneficial for the people, ensuring that development efforts continue uninterrupted.

He emphasized, “Praises and criticisms are equidistant to each other. You can’t pick and choose one and leave the other. When people praise you and you enjoy it, you must also endure when you are criticized.” This suggests a recognition of the dual nature of public perception and the need for leaders to accept both praise and criticism as part of their roles.

Absolutely, maintaining focus is crucial. Regardless of whether one is criticized or praised, it’s essential to remain steadfast in pursuing what one believes is right for the people. This unwavering resolve ensures that governance continues to prioritize the well-being and development of the community, irrespective of external opinions.

Governor Obaseki’s commitment to the betterment of the Edo people is commendable. While he may not always succeed on the first or even second attempt, his willingness to persist and try again demonstrates his dedication. Despite having only six months remaining in his term, his focus remains on serving the people, rather than solely on campaigning. This dedication sets him apart, as many other governors might prioritize campaigning over governance at this stage.

The ongoing major road constructions and the progress of the education hub, with heavy-duty equipment still in place at Iyaro, showcase Governor Obaseki’s commitment to infrastructure and education development in Edo State. Despite the limited time left in his term, these projects demonstrate his determination to improve the state’s infrastructure and educational facilities, ensuring long-term benefits for the people even beyond his tenure.

The transformation of the old Stella Obasanjo location into a specialist hospital is truly remarkable. From its previous single building primarily focused on child and maternal care, it has now expanded into multiple major buildings housing various medical facilities. This expansion underscores Governor Obaseki’s commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and services in Edo State, providing residents with access to a broader range of medical care and facilities.

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