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Edo South Vanguard For Equity And Justice Bemoans APC’s Attack On Sen Uzamere

The Edo South Vanguard For Equity and Justice has issued a scathing condemnation of the recent onslaught against Senator Ehigie Uzamere by the All Progressives Congress (APC), describing it as a desperate attempt to evade truth and accountability.

The spokesperson, Comrade Osaigbokan Uyi emphasized that, as an organization with the reputation of defending and promoting the interests of Edo south and its leaders, they will not watch and allow some opportunist politicians to vent their frustration on their respected leader, Senator Uzamere.

Senator Uzamere, hailed as a paragon of unyielding honesty, has been fearlessly championing the cause of Edo South and Edo state in general.

The APC’s frantic efforts to deflect attention from their lack of a credible candidate have been laid bare by Uzamere’s challenge for a debate, which exposed their glaring weaknesses.

In a bold statement while chatting with Truth Live News, Senator Uzamere said: “Listening to Senator Monday Okpebholo in this video, definitely he is not the man of our dreams.”

The Vanguard poses a pertinent question: “who fumbled and stumbled more, Senator Monday Okpebholo during his flag-bearer acceptance speech or the dunamis lady who “obtained a BSC in law”?

Meanwhile, the contrast between the candidates is stark. While their nominee runs away from interviews like a plague, Asue Ighodalo is actively engaging the public with over 50 appearances.

The organisation challenged the APC to get their candidate, to honour invitations from Arise TV and Channels interview for a live interview.

The Vanguard unequivocally endorses intellect and achievement, urging voters to support Asue Ighodalo.

The APC’s decision to opt for incompetence over merit has left them with no one to blame but themselves.

“How can a party anoint a senator with zero bills passed in 9 months as their gubernatorial candidate and expect rational, politically literate Edo youths and stakeholders to endorse such an impending disaster”? the Vanguard asked.

The people have spoken, and their stance will reverberate at the polls.

Comrade Uyi said that the next governor of Edo state faces the daunting challenge of surpassing the legacy of Governor Obaseki.

“It is my firm conclusion that only the joint ticket of Asue and Ogie, who have been part of the revolution of achievements in the state, have the capacity and knowledge to continue from where Obaseki stops.”

Osaigbokan Uyi, speaking on behalf of the Edo South Vanguard For Equity and Justice, asserted that no coercion, blackmail, heckling, or harassment will alter this resolve.



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