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Edo State Governor, Obaseki, Champions Tech Empowerment For Edo Youths

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has emphasized the deliberate measures taken by his administration to prepare the youth for the future by providing them with training and tools to creatively employ technology in addressing global challenges.

Speaking to journalists in Benin City, Governor Obaseki highlighted the state’s economic growth, attributing it to the strategic deployment of technology and the promotion of innovation.

“We aim to cultivate the most tech-savvy talent in Nigeria. Through our partnership with Decagon, we’ve already trained around 7,000 engineers, with plans to produce 10,000 to 15,000 tech experts in Nigeria over the next five years,” he stated.

Governor Obaseki also shared plans to collaborate with investors in establishing tech parks, fostering environments where young individuals can work, play, and contribute to technological solutions.

“In terms of infrastructure, we have developed a master plan to guide future governments on necessary actions and areas for improvement. Incorporating more technology into infrastructure design is a priority,” he explained.

Addressing healthcare, Governor Obaseki mentioned the rebuilding and reaccreditation of the School of Nursing, which is now considered the best in the country. Plans to reconstruct the School of Medical Health Technology were also highlighted to ensure the training of personnel essential for the state’s basic healthcare system.

Highlighting success in job creation, the governor credited partners and the Edojobs programs for generating over 308,000 jobs, both directly and indirectly, through initiatives such as job training and skills development.

Regarding security, Governor Obaseki affirmed that Edo has significantly improved its safety, crediting collaborations with communities, a robust vigilante, and a security network. He mentioned the support received for building command and control centers, enhancing the state’s ability to respond effectively to incidents and track crime details.



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