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Edo State Govt Intervenes to Rescue Abused Child, Reiterates Zero Tolerance for Corporal Punishment

Joel Osaigbovo Aluge Reporting

Benin City 


The government of Edo State has taken action to rescue a child who was physically assaulted, emphasizing its commitment to protecting children’s rights. Following this incident, the state’s Commissioner has issued a stern warning against the use of corporal punishment, reinforcing the administration’s stance on safeguarding the welfare and well-being of children within the state. The government’s swift intervention underscores its dedication to creating a safe and nurturing environment for all children.

The Edo State Ministry of Social Development and Gender Issues has successfully rescued Miss Marian Dokubo, a victim of severe abuse by her foster parent in Uromi, Esan North-East Local Government Area. Marian suffered extreme physical abuse, with her two palms being burnt with a welding iron. This incident highlights the urgent need for stringent measures to prevent such cruel treatment and the Ministry’s dedication to protecting vulnerable individuals. The government continues to advocate against corporal punishment and ensures justice and support for victims of abuse.

The rescue of Miss Marian Dokubo began with information from concerned residents, prompting the Commissioner of the Ministry of Social Development and Gender Issues, Hon. Christabel Omoh Ekwu, to take swift action. Marian was reportedly physically assaulted by her foster father, Mr. Banabas Anamali, the husband of her maternal aunt. Responding urgently, the Ministry relocated Marian from Uromi to Benin to ensure she received proper medical treatment and protection. The prompt intervention underscores the Ministry’s commitment to safeguarding children and addressing abuse within the community.

Hon. Christabel Omoh Ekwu urged parents to show love and care for their children and wards instead of subjecting them to physical or emotional abuse, which could result in deformities or long-term trauma. She emphasized that under Governor Godwin Obaseki’s leadership, the Edo State government is committed to ensuring that perpetrators of such acts are held accountable and do not go unpunished. The government’s stance reflects a zero-tolerance policy towards child abuse, reinforcing the importance of a safe and nurturing environment for all children.

The Commissioner also emphasized that the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Law applies to all residents of Edo State and encouraged the community to familiarize themselves with its provisions, which are designed to protect society. To ensure accountability, she visited the State Criminal Investigation Department to confirm that the perpetrator, who had been apprehended, remained in police custody and was being interrogated for further prosecution. This action underscores the government’s commitment to enforcing the law and protecting its citizens from violence and abuse.

“There is no excuse for this kind of wicked act in Edo State; the law must take its due course. You can’t go free for burning a child’s hands just because of an egg,” Hon. Ekwu noted. Her statement underscores the government’s firm stance on enforcing the law and ensuring that such cruel actions are met with appropriate legal consequences.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mrs. Barbara Osobajo, described the act as inhuman treatment. She emphasized that in the process of correcting a child, parents should always use age-appropriate punishment. Corrections are meant to improve children, not to harm or deform them, and it is inappropriate to burn a child’s hand for any reason.




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