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EFCC Decries Public Money Spraying, Cybercrime, Partners NUJ To End Scourge


Lucky Obukohwo Reporting



The Benin Zonal Director of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Mr. Effa Imoh Okim, has decried the act of spraying money at public functions, saying that the commission is poised to tame it with the help of the media in the state.

He disclosed this during a courtesy visit to the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Press Centre in Benin.

Mr. Okim highlighted a troubling trend, the lavish display of wealth at social gatherings is exacerbating the thirst among Nigerian youths to acquire wealth by any means necessary.

This inclination, he said often propels them towards unethical behaviors, notably internet fraud, also known as “yahoo-yahoo.”

Acknowledging Edo State’s unfortunate rank as the second-highest in cybercrime activities nationally, just trailing behind Lagos State, Mr. Okim emphasized the EFCC’s commitment to eradicating this menace.

His strategy includes a robust collaboration with the NUJ to bolster awareness and enforcement measures aimed at dismantling cybercrime networks.

Mr. Okim articulated a grave concern regarding the cultural shift towards materialism, which has not only led some to cybercrime but alarmingly, to ritualistic acts and family exploitation for financial gain.

He criticized the laxity among parents in supervising their children’s activities and moral guidance, declaring an urgent need for societal introspection and realignment.

Pointing to forthcoming stringent actions, Mr. Okim revealed plans to implement laws sternly against accessories to crime.

This would involve legal actions against landlords who lease properties to cybercriminals, effectively dismantling the support networks enabling these youths.

He said, EFCC’s firm stance is that the act of public money spraying fosters a damaging mindset among teenagers, encouraging them to pursue affluence through questionable means.

Mr. Okim assured the press of continuous access and cooperation, underscoring the pivotal role of journalism in societal reformation.

This partnership, he added aims to promote responsible wealth acquisition ethics and restore societal values per the directives from the EFCC’s Executive Chairman, Mr. Ola Olukoyede.

“The EFCC’s image is very relevant, it wouldn’t have been without you. At a point where they think Nigeria cannot make it, with your support we restored public confidence in us. When it comes to the issue of image, you are important.

“In the media global scale, the Nigerian media is very vibrant and the reason for this is because of our challenges. But our vision and mission is not yet achieved that is why we are here to seek your support in eliminating this menace called economic and financial crimes in Nigeria.

It is our responsibility, nobody will do it for us. Edo is too great in our history to be reduced to that level in criminality.

I am ready to partner with you to make sure that we curb this menace. To reduce the visibility of crime on our street. It doesn’t make us conform to our history.

The history of greatness, the history of courage. Let’s make ourselves available for this fight. I have come here today to deliver the words and wish of my executive chairman to partner with Edo and Delta people to develop strategies to reduce criminality in this jurisdiction.” He said.

In his remarks, Chairman of the Edo State Council of the NUJ, Comrade Festus Alenkhe, pledged support for these initiatives. He advocated for an unimpeded flow of information and cooperation between the press and the EFCC to facilitate effective coverage and awareness, vital for combating the scourge of cybercrime and unethical public displays of wealth.

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