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Electricity Crisis: Union Stands Firm Against Tariff Hike, Warns of Service Withdrawal

A looming nationwide blackout threatens as the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) stands firm on their decision to stop work if the Nigerian Government doesn’t reverse the recently approved electricity tariff increase.

In a statement by acting General Secretary Dominic Igwebike, NUEE warned Minister of Power Adebayo Adelabu that if the tariff withdrawal isn’t addressed, they’ll take decisive action.

“As a critical stakeholder in the power sector concerned with Nigerians getting constant and affordable power supply, we state categorically that the hike in the electricity tariff is not beneficial to Nigerians and should be withdrawn.

“We just want the citizens to know that this thing is not possible, it is not feasible, you cannot give what you don’t have.

“When we don’t have the energy to give to the people, and you ask our people to go out and collect such money, you know it is dangerous. We often don’t disclose what to do to the public because our sector is critical to the nation,” he stated.

The tariff hike, initiated by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission on April 3, increased rates for Band A customers receiving 20 hours of daily power supply.

Despite the hike, NUEE, alongside the Nigerian Labour Congress and Trade Unions Congress, condemns the move, arguing that consistent and affordable power supply isn’t feasible in the current situation.

Minister of Power, speaking through his media aide Bolaji Tunji, assured that the government is working to improve power supply and urged understanding from the labor union, emphasizing the long-term benefits for the nation’s economy.

Meanwhile, since the tariff increase, power supply has significantly declined nationwide, leaving electricity consumers dissatisfied with the unreliable service.



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