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Father’s Day: Ighodalo’s Campaign DG Iduoriyekewhen Celebrates Edo Fathers

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting


Hon Matthew Iduoriyekewhen, Director General of the Asue/Ogie Campaign Management Council, extended his warm wishes to fathers in Edo State.

Speaking through a statement made available to Truth Live News, Iduoriyekewhen lauded the resilience and dedication of Nigerian fathers, particularly those in Edo State.

“On behalf of our great party and its indomitable members, I, Hon Matthew Iduoriyekewhen, wish to celebrate the Nigerian father and in particular the Edo father,” he began. “Your resilience in these very difficult times is a demonstration of your desire for a better Nigeria.”

Highlighting the significance of this year’s Father’s Day for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Iduoriyekewhen emphasized, “This Father’s Day is especially important to us in the PDP because we have the privilege of presenting two of the finest gentlemen and quintessential fathers as the candidate and running mate of our great party.”

He continued by underscoring the qualities needed in today’s fathers, “We need heroes as fathers, people who can serve as mentors for our young, upcoming generation. Men who have a track record without blemish, men who became prominent through hard work and honest earnings.”

According to Iduoriyekewhen, these attributes are embodied by the PDP’s candidates. “These are the very attributes that our candidates and his running mate have as number one father and number two father in Edo State come September 21st, 2024. Thankfully, these men are ideal fathers, exemplary husbands, and first-class citizens of Edo State.”

Addressing the hardships faced by fathers under the current administration, he stated, “So let me wish our hardworking men a happy Father’s Day. Men who continue to struggle to survive in this very difficult APC economy, where fathers in their fight for survival are dying young because of stress and strain.”

Concluding his message, Iduoriyekewhen expressed his hopes for a brighter future, “Happy Father’s Day to all of us. May God not allow APC to happen to us again in Nigeria and especially in Edo State.”



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