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FCT Minister Nyesom Wike Saves N110 Billion in First 3 Months, Pledges Transparent Allocation to Accelerate Development

Toba Owojaiye reporting 

Abuja, Nigeria 


The Federal Capital Territory’s Minister, Nyesom Wike, announced a noteworthy achievement during a meeting with Estate Developers and Residents’ Associations in Abuja on Tuesday. Within his initial three months in office, Wike successfully generated and saved a substantial sum of N110 billion for the FCT.

In a statement made available to TruthLive News, Wike stressed the significance of his frugal financial management, expressing that these savings would be channeled towards ongoing projects to hasten their completion. “In my three months in office, I have effectively safeguarded no less than N110 billion for the FCT. This allocated amount will be dedicated to various projects, ensuring visible utilization of taxes for the benefit of the people,” he declared.

Highlighting the focus on efficient resource allocation, Wike assured the community that the funds would be strategically used to enhance infrastructure and public services. The move aligns with his commitment to maximizing the impact of government resources for the welfare of the people.

In addition to the financial achievements, Wike unveiled plans for the Federal Capital Territory to introduce its buses and taxi scheme in the coming month. This initiative aims to improve transportation services within the FCT, addressing the growing needs of the community.

The Minister’s announcement reflects a dual commitment to fiscal responsibility and proactive governance. By securing a substantial amount for ongoing projects and introducing plans for an enhanced transportation system, Wike is positioning the FCT for sustainable development.

As the government continues to navigate the challenges of governance, Wike’s emphasis on visible and impactful utilization of funds underscores a dedication to transparency and accountability. The coming month’s launch of the buses and taxi scheme adds a practical dimension to these efforts, showcasing a holistic approach to governance that addresses both financial management and essential public services.

The former Rivers State governor who was nicknamed Mr Projects, looks set to break all his records again. This time in the heart of Nigeria.



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