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Fear As Turban Wearing Man Storms Catholic Church In Abuja

There was a mild drama at the Archangel Raphael Catholic Church, Garki Abuja, Police Barracks, on Sunday (yesterday) after a strange-looking man stormed the church dressed in an unusual manner.

The man wearing sunglasses and a hat with the inscription Police on it was seen entering the church premises shortly after Mass but was stopped immediately, sources said.

Eyewitnesses disclosed when questioned by security personnel and church members on his mission at the church, the suspect couldn’t provide any reasonable answer.

The suspect who was also said to be wearing a faded dress suspected to be US Army-type camouflage trousers came in a silver-coloured Peugeot 406 with an Abuja number BWR-417HF.

A lady who witnessed the incident and made a video of the incident using her phone, said,  “This is just happening here right now, a terrorist entered my church Archangel Raphael Catholic Church, Garki, Abuja, Police Barracks. He dressed up with a turban with a police face cap and dark shades. He drove to where the men were having a meeting. We were shouting for him to stop. So we now shouted that people should come out and stop him and they stopped him.

“He said he was here to see somebody but the person he claimed he came to see said he did not know him. After much interrogation, he said he was from Abia. Where in Abia, he could not say. He now said part of his relations were from Ethiopia. So we asked what are you doing dressed like this.

“He said he was going to call the Inspector General of Police. Meanwhile, in this barracks, we have those working for the IGP. I am videoing his car. We saw some things in his car, drugs and everything. So we are just being careful now. And it’s the Catholic Church that’s their target now. So I beg all Catholics should tighten their security. Let us not take anything for granted.” reports that with the trend of attacks on churches across the nation, worshippers as well as leadership of various churches have become more security conscious thus raising alarm at the slightest sight of suspected attackers in their premises.



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